With a 1:1 Power Hour session we'll focus on your areas of need, whatever they may be.

We can review your system as a whole, make live adjustments to specific elements like forms or workflows, map changes to your process together, or answer any questions that you've had on your mind.

$200/one hour


Power Hour


Have a list of to-do items on your mind but don't have the time to complete them yourself? I've got you covered!

Let's connect to chat over your Dubsado system to-do items, and I'll complete each item for you.  Tasks can range from system updates to ending items to your clients, testing new workflows, or whatever you have in mind! 

Time spent in your system is billed in 15-minute increments. 

$200/per hour


Hourly Support

billed in 15-minute increments


Similar to hourly support, but on a more consistant basis. Secure hourly support in bundles so that you can rest assured and know that you always have the Dubsado help that you need only an email away.

Monthly support partners take priority over hourly support partners, meaning sice you've committed to a bundle or set support tine, I've committed my time to you first, before other projects and work. 


Quarterly Support

$2,400/per quarter

*based on $100 per hour, 2 hours per week for 3 months

BOOK quarterly SUPPORT

now accepting q2 (april, may, june) monthly support clients