I'm a thirty-year-old mommy of two daughters and wife to a phenomenal professional speaker.

Born and raised in Fayetteville, NC, I'm pleased to now call Charlotte, NC home. 

After graduating from Johnson & Wales University in 2014, I began my career as a Wedding & Event Director. I've enjoyed the privilege of planning and managing hundreds of weddings and meeting some fantastic people along the way. In January 2020, I made a shift in hospitality work and decided to try ticket sales (cause, why not). So, bring on the career patch change. 

SO, here's the deal...

Nice to meet you, boss!



After about three months on my new job, the dark cloud known as COVID-19 entered our lives. I, like many others, was thrown into a world of mandatory work from home. I quickly realized ticket sales was not my calling. Navigating this new field and now working from home everyday; I was not happy. Nine months later, still working from home, I decided to make the most of my time and I begin dabbling in the world of virtual assistance. 

Fast forward another three months, I realized I'd rather spend my time assisting businesses as a virtual assistant than learning the ins and out of ticket sales. So, armed with two consistent clients, I left my job and overnight became an entrepreneur. Welcome GFitts Assist, LLC. 

Did I also mention that during this transition that I got engaged, moved, had a baby and got married? (Talk about a roller coaster).

THIS IS MY LIFE. I'm gonna make it awesome!

It's time for a change

• Target is my love language 

• I drink so much sweet tea I think it runs through my veins. 

• When I see a dog, my voice instantly goes up 8 octaves 

Fun Facts About Me!

Over the last year, I've been blessed to meet and work with some AMAZING business owners in many different capacities. I love hearing their stories and seeing their passion for growth. 

My goal is to empower you to be the best you can be in your field. Whether the task at hand is big or small, know that I will give it my all. When you succeed, I succeed. So let's ride this success train together!


Finally got my groove


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