Effectively managing projects is crucial for any business, and utilizing the right project statuses in your Dubsado system can significantly enhance your communication with clients and keep you on track as you juggle multiple projects at one. Let’s explore the best lead and job statuses to help you stay organized and track progress efficiently.

Lead Statuses

“New Lead” or “Lead Inquiry” to indicate a fresh lead

“Connection Call Scheduled” to signify that a call has been scheduled with a potential client

“Connection Call Complete, Follow Up Needed” for situations where a call has taken place but further communication is required

“Booking in Process” to indicate that the client is ready to move forward with booking.

Job Statuses

“Booking Completed” to mark the stage where the client has successfully booked your services

“Active” to signify projects that are currently ongoing or in progress (or use the name of the service if you have multiple service options).

“Project Complete” to indicate when a project has been successfully delivered or finalized.

By utilizing these project statuses, you can easily categorize and track leads and jobs within your Dubsado system. This streamlined approach ensures clarity in communication, allows you to prioritize your tasks effectively, and provides a clear overview of the progress of each project.

Remember, customization is key. Tailor these statuses to fit your specific business needs and adjust them as your processes evolve. With the right project statuses in place, you’ll optimize your workflow, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional client experiences.