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lighten your load

How many hours per day, week and month do you spend working FOR your business? Answering leads, replying to emails, showcasing your services, updating your website, etc., you probably more than you'd like to admit.

So, all of that time spend working for your business, when do you work ON your business? You know, updating your website, making new connections to extend your team, training other team members, managing your accounts, etc. Probably not enough. 

It's time to focus on your business growth and begin to outsource tasks. That's where I come in. As a growing business, you may not be in a place to hire a full-time assistant, and that's ok. I'm here to handle tasks that you pass my way on hourly. Having a busy month, load up the work. Things slowed down a bit; just reach out the next time you need me. It's just that simple! 

Spend time working ON your business, let me work FOR your buisness

 "She has collaborated with me on a few projects to help me stand out from similar service providers in my market. She is concise, thorough and detailed oriented."

"Gianni has been such an amazing asset to the growth of my beauty business."

Business Management

Looking for occasional or project-based assistance? This is the fit for you! There is no hour limit; time spent on each project will be tracked and billed through completion and final submission. I will provide:

- Project introduction consultation to discuss project details, anticipated time for completion, and all additional details.

- Project plan and recommendations

- Regular check-ins to provide project status updates

investment starting at $45/hour



Actively managing leads and providing your potential customers with consistent and reliable response times can make or break your business. Often business owners are busy working ON their business that they lose time working FOR their business or vice versa.

Ensure that your potential customers receive the time and attention needed to turn leads into booked clients. Save yourself some time, and let me handle your lead management and follow-up, whatever that process looks like for your business. Together we will determine and detail your ideal lead system. Then, I will communicate with your clients from initial contact through booking. Additional services may be added at an hourly rate.

Lead Management

investment starting at $1,500/month

Frequently Asked Questions

I know Dubsado, ShowIt, Squarespace, Slack, Canva, and QuickBooks Online. If you use a particular platform in your business, I will try my best to integrate it. 

what platforms do you use? 

I do it all! I've provided clients with newsletters, flyers, event planning tasks, market research, mailing, client gift creation, and more! The list is endless! Let's discuss any project you have in mind and see how I can help!

what type of projects are you able to complete?

Each business is different; while I will provide my insight, how your leads are handled is up to you. Typically I will connect with your clients through initial lead submission, discovery call, follow-up emails, contracting, invoicing, and booking completion. Depending on your business, post-service follow-ups may also be necessary.

how do you manage my leads?

Yes, lead management is paid monthly. The total amount is due each month.

Hourly virtual assistant services are billed monthly as well. I will track time spent per project and send one bill at the end of the month.



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