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darryl B.
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Darryl is a Fear Researcher, Author, and Entrepreneur who has collected, read and shared thousands of fears with audiences worldwide. He's been able to help audiences while speaking in 37 states and 3 countries. His energy is infectious, along with providing actionable strategies to move you from Fearful to Fearless.

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I could be biased since I am married to the guy; Darryl was looking for assistance with his consistency on social media, client connection, and lead management. 

I created custom social media posts to be shared across Instagram and Facebook to increase traffic, build a following, create brand recognition, and be consistent throughout social media.

I also developed a mailing campaign to connect with potential clients.

I have also provided lead management on occasion. 

I highly recommend ! 

When I compare what I was doing before Gfitts and after Gfitts, it's literally night a day. She saves me time by providing quality on-time work and has a great sense of design and style that elevates my brand. From social media assistance to client outreach, she's great. I'm a little biased because she's my wife, but even without that bias, I highly recommend!!


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